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Dr Vivek Kodoth works at the following locations and sees patients from all over Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Basingstoke and beyond.

Verified Reviews by patients and Consultant (Colleagues)

Verified Reviews by patients and Consultant (Colleagues)

Tests revealed I had significantly blocked arteries. Decided to go privately to Dr Kodoth and it turned out to be a brilliant decision. Dr Kodoth explained everything to me in such a way to make me at ease with what was needed. I required two procedures to have 4 stents. The follow up care from Dr Kodoth was exceptional. He was always available to answer any concerns, even calling me after procedures to ensure that everything was ok. I cannot praise him enough everything he has done for me and would highly recommend him to anyone requiring cardiac intervention. I also thank his entire team for their work during the procedures.

June 2021

John Briggs, Verified patient
“Felt entirely at ease as Dr Kodoth had a very receptive and personable approach and gave me the space and time to really express fully my cardiac health concerns. He explained everything to me clearly in a way I was able to fully understand. I found the whole process a very positive experience”

Nov 2020

Mrs M McBride, , Verified patient
“My sincere thanks to Dr Kodoth for the excellent treatment I have received from him. The care, support and kindness afforded to me has been exemplary and has passed all expectations”.

Dec 2020

Mrs P Newman,, Verified patient

“I would like to thank Dr Kodoth for the excellent and prompt treatment I received. I will always be grateful for saving my life on two occasions. Dr Kodoth`s continuing care and monitoring has helped me to restart my life”

Dec 2020

Mr S Gheissari , Verified patient

“Dr Kodoth is competent in all fields of cardiology. He is one of the high volume UK coronary intervention operators. He approaches patients in a professional and compassionate manner”.

Nov 2020

Dr G Mangouretsios, Consultant cardiologist

My husband was treated by Dr Kodoth at Bournemouth Hospital. From the first appointment to being discharged, the care and treatment received from him was exceptional. My husband was extremely fortunate to have him as his consultant. Communication with Dr Kodoth was excellent and he was always available to answer any questions we had. My husband required a pacemaker and a stent, as well as medication to control his Atrial Fibrillation, all of which have helped greatly to improve his quality of life. Thank you so much Dr Kodoth for everything, we are extremely grateful.
22 January 2021

Excellent care very thorough and very caring at all times.
Thank you Dr V Kodoth very much.
yours Jennifer ford.

13  Jan 2021

Douglas Ford, Verified patient

The care, skill, explanations, service and the level of knowledge shown by Dr Kodoth during my procedure has been first class I feel extremely lucky that he has been my consultant during this time, also all the staff looking after me have been excellent –

Thank you

20 Jan 2021

Huw Nurse

Dr Kodoth offers a very professional service. He’s highly experienced in his field. And a great guy to work with.

Professional Partners – March 2021

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